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Different Types of Incentive Payments to Boost Rebates and Your Marketing Results

One of the most critical parts of planning an incentive rebate program revolves around figuring out what types of incentive payment methods you should and can offer. But making this decision doesn’t just come down to convenience or preference regarding your business processes. Depending on what industry you’re operating in, you could be facing certain […]

Incentive Insights To Attend CAN Connect 2023

PHOENIX — Incentive Insights, an incentive and rebate management company, will attend the Custom Automotive Network (CAN) Connect Annual Conference. The conference will be held from September 6 through 8 and will be virtual this year! Incentive Insights will attend CAN Connect to help automotive aftermarket business owners understand the benefits of using incentives. Rebates […]

Rebate Programs For Cosmetic Manufacturers

Manufacturers of beauty products and cosmetics face many challenges regarding marketing products as they are often considered restricted consumer good. Finding solutions for such challenges can be extremely costly and time-consuming. A lot of product development and labeling tasks will require the support of legal experts to ensure that all products are fully compliant with […]

Instant Rebates vs Mail-In Rebates

Rebate programs, also known as consumer rebate marketing, are becoming more popular as they allow retailers and manufacturers to increase sales by offering a highly targeted discount on their products. Many companies offer rebates either in the form of a mail-in consumer rebate or as an instant rebate. But what are the differences between an […]

Serial Numbers For Rebate Programs: Why Are They A Vital Part Of Marketing Campaigns

Companies utilize rebate programs as part of their rebate marketing campaigns to attract customers and collect vital information that can give insight into market trends and customer purchasing habits. However, such a marketing strategy needs an efficient fraud-resistant rebate process to ensure its success. If you run rebate programs without a serial number, having such […]

Top 5 Challenges Restricted Consumer Product Manufacturers Face With Their Consumer Rebate Programs

Businesses that operate in specific industries, like alcohol, tobacco, cosmetics, and food supplements, face very strict regulations when it comes to marketing and advertising efforts. And there are five major challenges that companies in these sectors have to consider carefully. Implementing solutions to ensure full legal compliance with such regulations is the most important step […]

How To Approach Consumer Rebates As A New Brewery Or Distillery

There are stringent regulations concerning marketing and advertising campaigns for brewery and distillery start-ups. And as these regulations vary from state to state, it’s vital to be aware of the many different rules this sector has to face regarding beer distillery incentives or consumer rebates. To ensure total legal compliance with these regulations, implementing solutions […]

6 Simple Tips To Increase Check Issuing Productivity In Your Business

There are many different situations where modern businesses still heavily rely on the ability to process and mail secure paper checks. No matter whether you’re dealing with a small or large volume of check payments, many steps in the process can become severely inefficient. Fortunately, there are tools and something called a check issuing service […]

How Can Check Fulfillment Services Improve Your Productivity?

Even in today’s age of digital financial transactions, there are many situations where companies still have to regularly mail checks to customers, clients, and even vendors. And the more checks a company has to process regularly, the more time-consuming the process can become. It can require a team of employees and specialized software and hardware […]

Why Do You Need Double-Blind Data Verification For Your Rebate Processing?

Developing a rebate program for your business, regardless of the industry or sector, can be a powerful tool for drawing new customers into the fold and ensuring current customers continue shopping with you instead of looking at the competition. However, crafting a consumer rebate program isn’t as simple as blindly picking out discounts or products […]

Pros and Cons of Rebates for Companies

Marketing and growing your business is not a one-size-fits-all approach. There is no silver bullet that solves all your outreach questions or targets every one of your unique markets. Instead, you need to cultivate several marketing tools to better connect with your ideal consumer. The fact of the matter is not every customer will be […]

Why Does Your Business Need Data Verification?

No matter your business, data is king. The more information you have at your disposal, the easier it becomes to personalize marketing approaches while increasing profits. Whether this means sending out unique email marketing to specific accounts or offering discounts to customers that buy certain products, enhanced data typically means improved customer interactions. The better […]

Why Consider Incentive Programs With Submission Processing

When it comes to growing your brand, bringing new customers into the fold, and retaining current clients, you can utilize several different marketing techniques and sales tactics. One option to consider is a sales incentive plan. Incentivizing the continued purchase of products and services from your company may help improve customer retention while attracting new […]

Why Is Data Capture Important?

Data capture is such an important pillar of the structure of any business. It helps with everything from developing extensive email lists to producing special offers to unique customers. You can create incentive programs to serve your clients better while driving sales and boosting revenue. Because of this, data will always be king, no matter […]

What Is A High Tech Rebate Program? Let’s Break It Down.

There’s no doubt that incentives play a major role in purchaser engagement, but did you know that they can also be used to increase sales in the high-tech industry? In fact, recent studies have shown that offering incentives to both consumers and sales channels can result in significant increases in sales. So, if you’re looking […]

Top 5 Reasons The Automotive Aftermarket Industry Needs Incentive Management

Whether for repairs following an accident or for automotive enthusiasts looking to upgrade and add-on to their current ride, the automotive aftermarket industry has had a strong niche market. From repair shops to individuals at home who just love working on cars, the aftermarket industry isn’t going anywhere. However, like other industries, it continues to […]

Incentive Insights To Attend The Summer Fancy Food Show

NEW YORK — Incentive Insights, a rebate and incentive management company, will attend the Summer Fancy Food Show on June 12-14 at the Javits Center. The Summer Fancy Food Show is sponsored by the Specialty Food Association and is open to qualified buyers and industry professionals. Incentive Insights will attend the show to help businesses […]

Why Food Service Manufacturers Need a Rewards Program

Food costs are rising, not just in the United States but around the world. This has forced businesses that rely on food production and manufacturing to search for the most affordable options that will still help maintain the quality of their branded products. If you are in the food manufacturing industry, you need to be […]

Top 5 Reasons for a Consumer Rebate Program

In a world of competitive business operations, you need to set your company apart from the competition. But when your products and price points are similar, what can you do to ensure customers return to you instead of drifting off to another provider? Set up a consumer rebate program. What is the consumer rebate program […]

From Beginning to End: The Full Spectrum of Rebate Fulfillment

When it comes to both boosting sales and offering customers a way to save money, few incentives are as beneficial for all parties as a rebate program. Rebate programs vary in scale, and while some rebates are offered after a single sale, others require customers to make various purchases over an extended period of time. […]

Choosing the Best Incentive Type: 2022

Incentifying your customers is one of the best ways to drive sales and increase your bottom line. It helps bring current customers back into the fold while assisting in catching new customers interested in your products. However, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all incentive approach. What works for your business may not be […]

Incentive Insights to Attend National Hardware Show

LAS VEGAS — Incentive Insights, a rebate company and processor of rebates, will attend the National Hardware Show April 5 through 7 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The 76th NHS is accompanied by an All-Industry Conference sponsored by the North American Hardware and Paint Association. Incentive Insights provides expert rebate ideas, programs, and support […]

Incentive Insights to Attend The Pet Expo

Orlando, FL — Incentive Insights, a rebate company and processor of rebates, will be attending the Global Pet Expo, March 23 to 25 in Orlando. The expo is the pet industry’s premier event and features the most innovative pet products on the market today. The expo will be held in the South Concourse of the […]

What Are Sales Incentive Programs?

When it comes to sales for your business, it isn’t always all about generating new sales and discounts for your customers. Sometimes you need to consider the other end of the spectrum. You need to look at ways to motivate your counter people or outside salespeople and make it more beneficial to increase their sales […]

2022 Retail Industry Trends

The retail industry is always looking for ways to reinvent itself. In order to do this, various trends have popped up over the years. While trends come and go, it is important to understand these trends and weigh which upcoming trends are worth investing in and which are better off skipping. Because of the way […]

Best Practices for B2B Price Rebates and Incentives in 2022

Taking advantage of price rebates and incentives is an excellent method for driving additional sales in the coming year. With rebates, you don’t directly slash the price of products and services but instead, incentivize the purchase of products. Once customers fulfill all the incentive requirements, they will receive their rebate, which helps them save money […]

What Are Vendor Rebate Agreements?

There are several ways to increase sales while providing customers with an incentive to purchase your product or increase the amount they buy. Discount prices are one option, but other ways are to give the merchants a reduced price point. One such option is known as vendor rebate agreements. But what are vendor rebate agreements, […]

Rebate Processing: What Needs To Go On Behind The Scenes

The Execution Of Your Rebate Processing Can Make Or Break Its Success Rebates are a great promotional strategy. Not only do they offer your customers a sweet reward for their purchase, but they provide you with the marketing power you need to beat out your competitors and stay on top in your market. This “value” […]

What is a Ship and Debit Agreement and How to Ensure Favorable SPA’s

In general practice, you offer the same base price of services to all potential customers. However, there often comes a time where a special price agreement, or SPA, is warranted. Whether it is to attract a large client, reward a long-time customer with a price break, or help iron out some issues the client might […]

The Benefits of Rebate Marketing

The Benefits of Rebate Marketing Rebate marketing helps businesses increase conversion rates using rewards in place of discounts, motivating customers to buy while keeping the market rate firm. Rebates come after the sale — for the percentage of customers that follow through. In today’s marketplace, rebate marketing is excellent for keeping customers engaged. The Advantages […]

What is Trade Promotion Management?

Running promotions and putting out marketing material is just a part of doing business. No matter the industry or the products you produce, when it comes to attracting new customers, offering goods they need at a beneficial price will help bring these customers into the fold. However, how much money are you spending on specific […]

Incorporating Prepaid Rebate Cards Into Your Rebate Program

Once you’ve decided that offering a rebate program is a strategy you’d like to implement, you and your team will be faced with deciding which rebate reward you’ll offer your participants. In the past, approved rebate participants would receive a check via mail. Today, there’s a variety of reward options, from checks, gift cards, physical […]

What Is Rebate Marketing?

What Is Rebate Marketing? If you need to run a marketing campaign, stick with what works. Recent research by the Promotion Marketing Association shows that 75.4% of customers are more likely to purchase when offered a rebate. Customers prefer rebates over other incentives, and they will choose them over others. A 2018 study by Leger […]

Buyer Personas: The Missing Piece To Your Marketing Strategy

A Marketing Strategy Without Buyer Personas Will Simply Not Succeed In Today’s B2B Landscape Hubspot has defined a buyer persona as “a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers”. Buyer personas take into account the demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals of your current customers […]

A Strategy To Ensure Rebate Compliance

How to Ensure Your Rebate Program Stays Compliant Customer rebates are one of the most effective ways to increase sales and drive awareness of your product or service. As a manufacturer, a rebate allows you to reach customers who might be particularly price sensitive, while not taking overall margins. However, before your business takes on […]

Why Direct Sales Is NOT The Sales Channel For You

A Direct Sales Strategy Isn’t Right For Every Company–Here’s Why Quite simply, direct sales is when a company sells its products and services “directly” to a client or customer. There are no outside parties, middle-men, retailers, or wholesalers involved as is the case with an “indirect” or channel sales strategy, just an internal sales team […]

What are the Best Ways to Implement a SPIFF?

3 Ways To Successfully Implement A Spiff Program In 2019 Not all spiff programs work the same or yield the same expected results. Spiffs, or SPIVs, are incentive programs that are designed to change or influence the behavior of a sales teams. Spiff programs reward employees for good performance, spiff programs are also known to […]

The Key To Getting The Most Out Of Your Sales Channel Partners

Ensure You’re Getting The Most Value Out Of Your Sales Channel Strategy And Partners When executed effectively, a channel sales strategy can put your company in a position to grow and expand rapidly. While the benefits of using partners to sell your products are extensive, there is more to the approach than just sending your […]

How To Leverage Customer Insights For Better Business Decisions

Customer Data & Insights Make For Better Marketing Decisions and Bigger Business Growth For a manufacturing company, developing a strong, data-driven growth strategy can be challenging. Your company has established marketing and sales goals, but when it comes to determining exactly how you’ll reach them and backing it all with data–that’s where things can get […]

What Your Company Has To Gain From A Rebate Submission

Customer Rebate Claims Provide Your Business With An Opportunity To Gain Valuable Customer Data Many companies offer a rebate in hopes that it will push consumers to purchase their product and then they’ll forget to submit the rebate, thus never receiving their reward. While it might seem like it’s the company who wins in this […]

Ensuring Data Quality: What You Can Do

5 Ways To Improve Consumer Data Quality If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times—every business, no matter the size or industry, needs quality data. According to, Poor data quality is a primary reason for 40% of all business initiatives failing to achieve their targeted benefits. Quality data is key to […]

How To Run A Fraud-Resistant Rebate Program

Rebate Fraud Prevention: How To Ensure Your Business Doesn’t Process Fraudulent Rebate Submissions Rebate fraud is more common than many companies who wish to institute a rebate program realize. Not only can rebate fraud cost your company time, money, and resources, it also deprives you of the opportunity to collect real, raw, and high-quality customer […]

How To Find Your Ideal Channel Sales Partnership

Finding The Best Channel Sales Partnership For Your Company As With Any Business Relationship, Finding The Best Sales Channel Partnership Fit For Your Company Is Essential We’re willing to bet one of your company’s biggest goals is growth. And if that’s the case, you’ve probably come across a few roadblocks along the way. One challenge […]

Channel Sales Incentives: Avoid These 7 Common Pitfalls

Channel Sales Incentives: Avoid These 7 Common Pitfalls As a company that uses a channel sales strategy, you depend heavily on distributors, dealers, agents, and resellers to help you meet your sales goals. While this lack of control might be scary to some, your company has clearly decided that the benefits of a channel sales […]

5 Benefits of Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing: A Process That Is Well Worth It’s Benefits Today, nearly 67% of businesses rely on CRM data for growth. Yet, an astonishing 94% of B2B companies suspect inaccuracy in their database (Zoom). How confident are YOU in the health and quality of the data in your database? If your company collects any sort […]

How A Manufacturer Can Build Demand With Strategic Channel Incentives

3 Steps Manufacturers Can Take To Build Demand With Strategic B2B or B2C Channel Incentives As a manufacturer, you likely find yourself sitting at the very top of your sales channel. From all the way up there, it can be difficult to see, let alone control, what’s happening with your wholesalers, retailers, and customers below. […]

Incorporating Digital Reward Cards Into Your Rebate Program

Are Digital Reward Cards The Right Reward Type For Your Rebate Program? With all of the customer rebate reward options out there, it’s hard to choose the right one! You not only have to think of what’s best for your company, but also what’s best for your customers. (And you can bet your customers have […]

Customer Rebate Submission Preferences: Mail-in versus Online

Money! Got your attention yet? How about saving money? That’s what everyone wants to see! Everyone—companies and their customers—wants to save money. One of the best ways your company can do this is by offering customer rebates. Offering rebates to consumers is a great way to maintain loyal customers (and generate new ones) all while […]

Factors Driving Incentive Program Innovation

Manufacturers and retailers began implementing incentive programs more than 50 years ago. While incentives are still a key component of many promotional strategies today, they have and will continue to evolve. You see, the way consumers once engaged with incentives is not necessarily how they prefer to do so today. Various factors have contributed to […]

The Benefits Of Digital Warranty & Product Registration Programs

If you ask anyone in business, more specifically someone in marketing, they’ll tell you how important it is to know your customer. It is because of this, that so many of them look to get their hands on whatever consumer data they can find. Often, they’ll collect piles and piles of poor quality, inaccurate third-party […]

How Consumer Rebates Can Work for Your Company

It’s fair to say that just about everybody, both companies and individuals, likes to save money. That’s why retailers and other commercial interests offer consumer rebates. They want to capitalize on the good feeling that goes with saving money to encourage new customers and maintain the loyalty of current customers. Consumer rebate programs seem simple […]

How to Sell a Product that Won’t Sell

We’ve all been there. You offer a great quality product for what you think is a great value and for some reason, it just won’t sell. When experiencing a problem with product sales, there are likely two questions that come to mind. First, you’ll ask the obvious, “why is this product not selling” and then […]

5 Tips For A Successful Rebate Program

In today’s consumer climate, customer incentives drive sales. There’s no doubt about it! Offer prospects and customers a deal they can’t refuse and you (and your sales team) will have no problem closing a sale. On the other hand, don’t offer an incentive and you run the risk of losing customers. Unfortunately, giving buyers what […]

7 Rebate Stats That Will Make You Want To Up Your Marketing

The new year is a great time for reflection. How have your marketing efforts changed in the past year? In what areas do you feel like you have an opportunity to improve? Have you considered implementing a rebate program? A rebate is an amount paid by way of reduction, return, or refund on what has […]

Generating Sales Through a SPIFF Program

Generating Sales Through a SPIFF Program It’s crucial to kick off Q1 with a new drive to beat your goals from last year. Sure, you increased your numbers in 2018 (hopefully), but what are you going to do differently in 2019 to really boost your generated YoY sales? The answer is to motivate your channel […]

Ways to Increase Brand Awareness in the Automotive Aftermarket

The automotive aftermarket includes companies who manufacture, remanufacture, distribute, retail and/or install replacement vehicle parts, equipment, service repair, and automotive accessories. If your company does any type of work involving vehicle parts, equipment, replacement tires, service repair, collision repair, and accessories, sold after the sale of the original vehicle–we have some valuable information about your […]

Top Ways To Incentivize Partners To Sell Your Product

A channel sales strategy provides your business with the ability to get your product in front of the right consumer. Through the use of resellers, distributors, value-added providers, and other types of channel partners, you’re not only able to gain massive reach, but you also lower sales, marketing, and distribution costs scale effectively and expand […]

Holiday Season Manufacturer Rebates & Incentives to Look Out For

During the holiday shopping season, retailers offer their customers a large variety of promotions. From free shipping to coupon codes, giveaways and gift cards, rebates–the list goes on and on. But retailers aren’t the only ones who get to have all the promotional fun. Manufacturers across all industries can share in the holiday promo-spirit by […]

4 Mistakes Companies Make With Their Marketing Strategy

Any Marketing Strategy Is Susceptible To These Common Mistakes As business professionals, we’ve seen firsthand how a clearly defined and well-organized strategy can make great results possible. So when it comes to marketing, why do so many businesses lack just that–a clearly defined and well-organized marketing strategy–leaving them susceptible to marketing mistakes? We’ve identified the […]

What to Look For In a Rebate Management Company

No matter how big your business is, we’re willing to bet you’re always looking for the next big thing that helps to focus your company, drive up sales, and help to put you on the map like never before. Rebates are a great way to take your marketing tactics to the next level, and finding a […]

The Top 4 Reasons Your Company Should Use Consumer Rebate Programs

Here’s Your Company Needs To Start Using Consumer Rebate Programs Rebate programs have been around for a long time now—so long, in fact, that many companies disregard them, assuming rebates to be old-fashioned and ineffective. In reality, though, rebate programs are not only effective, but they have evolved with the times, and can be integrated […]

How Consumer Discounts Can Help You Make More Money

Can Consumer Discounts Actually Make You More Profitable? It may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s true: Discounting your products and services can actually help you close more sales and generate more revenue. Discounts are good for your bottom line, but only when they are presented properly—aligned with human psychology. But how does the human brain perceive […]

How To Motivate Your Sales Team: SPIFF Program Vs. Loyalist Channel Incentives

Loyalist Channel Incentives depend on a loyalty system and are intended to encourage long-term sales growth. Whereas a Spiff Program is based on performance. Although both programs show some similarity, the way they function are clearly different. Despite how well thought out a Spiff program might be, you will always need to make changes to […]

How To Make Your Channel Incentive Programs Perform

Using Your Channel Incentives To Motivate What are channel incentive programs and how can they motivate? Most importantly, how can you get your channel incentive programs to perform? These questions have intrigued industry leaders for decades, and the answer is not cut and dry However, when these types of questions arise, you need to revisit […]

The Difference Between A SPIFF and SPIV

What’s the Difference Between a SPIFF and a SPIV? Have you ever wondered what the difference between a spiff and a SPIV is? The answer: there is no difference–except for the terms different companies choose to use them. Spiffs and SPIVs are basically the same; although, they are used to describe certain long-term sales or […]

Rebate Fulfillment Success Story #3

The online retailing landscape is littered with the bones of organizations that were not able to fully execute on their plans. When customer satisfaction begins to drop, there are dozens of other companies hungry to take up your position in the market — and they won’t even blink as they snatch your customers. Perhaps the […]

Rebate Program Success Story #1

Our ultimate objective for sharing this comprehensive case study about the Incentive Insights approach is to demonstrate how Incentive Insights consistently provides value-added benefits to its customers. As a leading rebate program provider, our firm predominately develops innovative enterprise grade rebate programs in the manufacturing sector. About The Company In this case study, the client is […]

5 Keys to a Successful Incentive Partnership

Implementing an incentive partnership offer a spectrum of opportunities for smaller businesses to merge and coexist. Partnerships allow businesses to bring their resources and products together under one umbrella and share in both the failure and success of their ventures. With so many great ideas floating around the corporate social room, planning the next successful […]

How Are Incentive Programs Changing?

This isn’t your grandmother’s incentive program anymore. With rebates that zip to your online wallet with the speed of a splitting atom, coupon clipping services that allow you stockpile your favorite and most used items, and a plethora of other customer incentives and customer rebates, the priorities of incentive programs are changing almost faster than most […]

Data Collection Using SPIFFs

The majority of retail stores implement Spiff programs to help maximize sales, motivate teamwork and increase customer participation. However, the most important part of utilizing a spiff program is the continual on-going benefit of data collection. Just as third-party vendors collect consumer information for marketing purposes, so do spiff marketers. Spiff programs, when implemented effectively […]

Calculating ROI for Incentive Programs: Analyzing Sales Channels

Return on investment (ROI) is always top of mind for business owners when considering new endeavors such as incentive programs. Calculating ROI for incentive programs requires a thorough and complete analysis of all sales channels. This means taking into account all the factors of distribution, product, price, and promotion. When all of these elements are present, they […]

How to Choose Rebate Programs That Appeal to Millennials

Who Are Millennial Shoppers and Why Are They So Powerful? Just who are these millennials and why are retailers competing for their business? Millennials are generation Y shoppers, born between the years 1981 and 1996. These young shoppers are known to adapt quickly to technology. In fact, they perform the majority of their day to […]

Sales Spiff Guide 2018 – Why, When and How to Run Your Next Program

Retail professionals know that there are few more valuable incentives than a well-executed sales SPIFF program to drive sales of a specific brand or line of products through a trade partner channel. However, a sales SPIFF program that is needlessly complex or doesn’t provide a valuable incentive to the salesperson can cause significant bad feelings towards […]

Rebates For Consumer Data Collection

Consumer data collection is an essential part of marketing your product as well as determining the wants and needs that your customers may face so that you can help provide them with the solutions that they are looking for. A well-done rebate program can not only increase your sales numbers for your product, business, or […]

It’s Time to Make Your Rebate Program Profitable

In today’s economy, many businesses find themselves giving away free services or merchandise in an attempt to close deals. By offering a little something to spice up a deal, sales reps have found this to be incredibly effective in securing transactions. This, of course, has led to markets of all sorts flooding their industries with […]

Using Rebates to Increase Customer Loyalty

Incentive programs have been used to entice consumers to make purchases for many decades. As consumer behaviors have changed over the years, though, rebate programs have had to evolve as well. Technology has greatly changed how consumers are able to stay connected with the latest sales, including incentives, which has caused rebate programs to become […]

The Future of Sales Incentives Programs and How They are Changing

There are a variety of reasons as to why companies use incentive campaigns. From motivating their sales teams to enticing their audiences to make purchases, incentive programs have their advantages. It is important to remember, however, that what worked five years ago in regards to effective incentives very well may not work in today’s age […]

Steps to Running a Successful Consumer Rebate Program

Everyone wants to save money, and that includes your customers. In fact, 92% of consumers cite price and value as the most important drivers behind brand loyalty. From price shopping to couponing, it’s not uncommon to see shoppers going above and beyond to get a great deal. Inevitably, there are few notable qualities that differentiate one retailer […]

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