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Best Practices for B2B Price Rebates and Incentives in 2022

Taking advantage of price rebates and incentives is an excellent method for driving additional sales in the coming year. With rebates, you don’t directly slash the price of products and services but instead, incentivize the purchase of products. Once customers fulfill all the incentive requirements, they will receive their rebate, which helps them save money […]

What Are Vendor Rebate Agreements?

There are several ways to increase sales while providing customers with an incentive to purchase your product or increase the amount they buy. Discount prices are one option, but other ways are to give the merchants a reduced price point. One such option is known as vendor rebate agreements. But what are vendor rebate agreements, […]

Rebate Processing: What Needs To Go On Behind The Scenes

The Execution Of Your Rebate Processing Can Make Or Break Its Success Rebates are a great promotional strategy. Not only do they offer your customers a sweet reward for their purchase, but they provide you with the marketing power you need to beat out your competitors and stay on top in your market. This “value” […]

Protected: What is a Ship and Debit Agreement and How to Ensure Favorable SPA’s

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The Benefits of Rebate Marketing

The Benefits of Rebate Marketing Rebate marketing helps businesses increase conversion rates using rewards in place of discounts, motivating customers to buy while keeping the market rate firm. Rebates come after the sale — for the percentage of customers that follow through. In today’s marketplace, rebate marketing is excellent for keeping customers engaged. The Advantages […]

What is Trade Promotion Management?

Running promotions and putting out marketing material is just a part of doing business. No matter the industry or the products you produce, when it comes to attracting new customers, offering goods they need at a beneficial price will help bring these customers into the fold. However, how much money are you spending on specific […]

Incorporating Prepaid Rebate Cards Into Your Rebate Program

Once you’ve decided that offering a rebate program is a strategy you’d like to implement, you and your team will be faced with deciding which rebate reward you’ll offer your participants. In the past, approved rebate participants would receive a check via mail. Today, there’s a variety of reward options, from checks, gift cards, physical […]

What Is Rebate Marketing?

What Is Rebate Marketing? If you need to run a marketing campaign, stick with what works. Recent research by the Promotion Marketing Association shows that 75.4% of customers are more likely to purchase when offered a rebate. Customers prefer rebates over other incentives, and they will choose them over others. A 2018 study by Leger […]

Buyer Personas: The Missing Piece To Your Marketing Strategy

A Marketing Strategy Without Buyer Personas Will Simply Not Succeed In Today’s B2B Landscape Hubspot has defined a buyer persona as “a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers”. Buyer personas take into account the demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals of your current customers […]

A Strategy To Ensure Rebate Compliance

How to Ensure Your Rebate Program Stays Compliant Customer rebates are one of the most effective ways to increase sales and drive awareness of your product or service. As a manufacturer, a rebate allows you to reach customers who might be particularly price sensitive, while not taking overall margins. However, before your business takes on […]

Why Direct Sales Is NOT The Sales Channel For You

A Direct Sales Strategy Isn’t Right For Every Company–Here’s Why Quite simply, direct sales is when a company sells its products and services “directly” to a client or customer. There are no outside parties, middle-men, retailers, or wholesalers involved as is the case with an “indirect” or channel sales strategy, just an internal sales team […]

What are the Best Ways to Implement a SPIFF?

3 Ways To Successfully Implement A Spiff Program In 2019 Not all spiff programs work the same or yield the same expected results. Spiffs, or SPIVs, are incentive programs that are designed to change or influence the behavior of a sales teams. Spiff programs reward employees for good performance, spiff programs are also known to […]

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