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Pros and Cons of Rebates for Companies

Marketing and growing your business is not a one-size-fits-all approach. There is no silver bullet that solves all your outreach questions or targets every one of your unique markets. Instead, you need to cultivate several marketing tools to better connect with your ideal consumer. The fact of the matter is not every customer will be […]

Why Does Your Business Need Data Verification?

No matter your business, data is king. The more information you have at your disposal, the easier it becomes to personalize marketing approaches while increasing profits. Whether this means sending out unique email marketing to specific accounts or offering discounts to customers that buy certain products, enhanced data typically means improved customer interactions. The better […]

Why Consider Incentive Programs With Submission Processing

When it comes to growing your brand, bringing new customers into the fold, and retaining current clients, you can utilize several different marketing techniques and sales tactics. One option to consider is a sales incentive plan. Incentivizing the continued purchase of products and services from your company may help improve customer retention while attracting new […]

Why Is Data Capture Important?

Data capture is such an important pillar of the structure of any business. It helps with everything from developing extensive email lists to producing special offers to unique customers. You can create incentive programs to serve your clients better while driving sales and boosting revenue. Because of this, data will always be king, no matter […]

What Is A High Tech Rebate Program? Let’s Break It Down.

There’s no doubt that incentives play a major role in purchaser engagement, but did you know that they can also be used to increase sales in the high-tech industry? In fact, recent studies have shown that offering incentives to both consumers and sales channels can result in significant increases in sales. So, if you’re looking […]

Top 5 Reasons The Automotive Aftermarket Industry Needs Incentive Management

Whether for repairs following an accident or for automotive enthusiasts looking to upgrade and add-on to their current ride, the automotive aftermarket industry has had a strong niche market. From repair shops to individuals at home who just love working on cars, the aftermarket industry isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, like other industries, it […]

Incentive Insights To Attend The Summer Fancy Food Show

NEW YORK — Incentive Insights, a rebate and incentive management company, will attend the Summer Fancy Food Show on June 12-14 at the Javits Center. The Summer Fancy Food Show is sponsored by the Specialty Food Association and is open to qualified buyers and industry professionals. Incentive Insights will attend the show to help businesses […]

Why Food Service Manufacturers Need a Rewards Program

Food costs are rising, not just in the United States but around the world. This has forced businesses that rely on food production and manufacturing to search for the most affordable options that will still help maintain the quality of their branded products. If you are in the food manufacturing industry, you need to be […]

Top 5 Reasons for a Consumer Rebate Program

In a world of competitive business operations, you need to set your company apart from the competition. But when your products and price points are similar, what can you do to ensure customers return to you instead of drifting off to another provider? Set up a consumer rebate program. What is the consumer rebate program […]

From Beginning to End: The Full Spectrum of Rebate Fulfillment

When it comes to both boosting sales and offering customers a way to save money, few incentives are as beneficial for all parties as a rebate program. Rebate programs vary in scale, and while some rebates are offered after a single sale, others require customers to make various purchases over an extended period of time. […]

Choosing the Best Incentive Type: 2022

Incentifying your customers is one of the best ways to drive sales and increase your bottom line. It helps bring current customers back into the fold while assisting in catching new customers interested in your products. However, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all incentive approach. What works for your business may not be […]

Incentive Insights to Attend National Hardware Show

LAS VEGAS — Incentive Insights, a rebate company and processor of rebates, will attend the National Hardware Show April 5 through 7 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The 76th NHS is accompanied by an All-Industry Conference sponsored by the North American Hardware and Paint Association. Incentive Insights provides expert rebate ideas, programs, and support […]

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