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Ensuring Data Quality: What You Can Do

5 Ways To Improve Consumer Data Quality If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times—every business, no matter the size or industry, needs quality data. According to, Poor data quality is a primary reason for 40% of all business initiatives failing to achieve their targeted benefits. Quality data is key to […]

How To Run A Fraud-Resistant Rebate Program

Rebate Fraud Prevention: How To Ensure Your Business Doesn’t Process Fraudulent Rebate Submissions Rebate fraud is more common than many companies who wish to institute a rebate program realize. Not only can rebate fraud cost your company time, money, and resources, it also deprives you of the opportunity to collect real, raw, and high-quality customer […]

How To Find Your Ideal Channel Sales Partnership

How To Find Your Ideal Channel Sales Partnership As With Any Business Relationship, Finding The Best Sales Channel Partnership Fit For Your Company Is Essential We’re willing to bet one of your company’s biggest goals is growth. And if that’s the case, you’ve probably come across a few roadblocks along the way. One challenge many […]

Channel Sales Incentives: Avoid These 7 Common Pitfalls

Channel Sales Incentives: Avoid These 7 Common Pitfalls As a company that uses a channel sales strategy, you depend heavily on distributors, dealers, agents, and resellers to help you meet your sales goals. While this lack of control might be scary to some, your company has clearly decided that the benefits of a channel sales […]

5 Benefits of Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing: A Process That Is Well Worth It’s Benefits Today, nearly 67% of businesses rely on CRM data for growth. Yet, an astonishing 94% of B2B companies suspect inaccuracy in their database (Zoom). How confident are YOU in the health and quality of the data in your database? If your company collects any sort […]

What Your Company Has To Gain From A Rebate Submission

Customer Rebate Claims Provide Your Business With An Opportunity To Gain Customer Data Many companies offer a rebate in hopes that it will push consumers to purchase their product and then they’ll forget to submit the rebate, thus never receiving their reward. While it might seem like it’s the company who wins in this particular […]

How A Manufacturer Can Build Demand With Strategic Channel Incentives

3 Steps Manufacturers Can Take To Build Demand With Strategic B2B or B2C Channel Incentives As a manufacturer, you likely find yourself sitting at the very top of your sales channel. From all the way up there, it can be difficult to see, let alone control, what’s happening with your wholesalers, retailers, and customers below. […]

Incorporating Digital Reward Cards Into Your Rebate Program

Are Digital Reward Cards The Right Reward Type For Your Rebate Program? With all of the customer rebate reward options out there, it’s hard to choose the right one! You not only have to think of what’s best for your company, but also what’s best for your customers. (And you can bet your customers have […]

Customer Rebate Submission Preferences: Mail-in versus Online

Money! Got your attention yet? How about saving money? That’s what everyone wants to see! Everyone—companies and their customers—wants to save money. One of the best ways your company can do this is by offering customer rebates. Offering rebates to consumers is a great way to maintain loyal customers (and generate new ones) all while […]

Incorporating Prepaid Rebate Cards Into Your Rebate Program

Once you’ve decided that offering a rebate program is a strategy you’d like to implement, you and your team will be faced with deciding which rebate reward you’ll offer your participants. In the past, approved rebate participants would receive a check via mail. Today, there’s a variety of reward options, from checks, gift cards, physical […]

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