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Incentive Insights To Attend The Summer Fancy Food Show

NEW YORK — Incentive Insights, a rebate and incentive management company, will attend the Summer Fancy Food Show on June 12-14 at the Javits Center. The Summer Fancy Food Show is sponsored by the Specialty Food Association and is open to qualified buyers and industry professionals. Incentive Insights will attend the show to help businesses […]

Top 5 Reasons for a Consumer Rebate Program

In a world of competitive business operations, you need to set your company apart from the competition. But when your products and price points are similar, what can you do to ensure customers return to you instead of drifting off to another provider? Set up a consumer rebate program. What is the consumer rebate program […]

From Beginning to End: The Full Spectrum of Rebate Fulfillment

When it comes to both boosting sales and offering customers a way to save money, few incentives are as beneficial for all parties as a rebate program. Rebate programs vary in scale, and while some rebates are offered after a single sale, others require customers to make various purchases over an extended period of time. […]

Choosing the Best Incentive Type: 2022

Incentifying your customers is one of the best ways to drive sales and increase your bottom line. It helps bring current customers back into the fold while assisting in catching new customers interested in your products. However, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all incentive approach. What works for your business may not be […]

Incentive Insights to Attend National Hardware Show

LAS VEGAS — Incentive Insights, a rebate company and processor of rebates, will attend the National Hardware Show April 5 through 7 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The 76th NHS is accompanied by an All-Industry Conference sponsored by the North American Hardware and Paint Association. Incentive Insights provides expert rebate ideas, programs, and support […]

Incentive Insights to Attend The Pet Expo

Orlando, FL — Incentive Insights, a rebate company and processor of rebates, will be attending the Global Pet Expo, March 23 to 25 in Orlando. The expo is the pet industry’s premier event and features the most innovative pet products on the market today. The expo will be held in the South Concourse of the […]

What Are Sales Incentive Programs?

When it comes to sales for your business, it isn’t always all about generating new sales and discounts for your customers. Sometimes you need to consider the other end of the spectrum. You need to look at ways to motivate your counter people or outside salespeople and make it more beneficial to increase their sales […]

2022 Retail Industry Trends

The retail industry is always looking for ways to reinvent itself. In order to do this, various trends have popped up over the years. While trends come and go, it is important to understand these trends and weigh which upcoming trends are worth investing in and which are better off skipping. Because of the way […]

Best Practices for B2B Price Rebates and Incentives in 2022

Taking advantage of price rebates and incentives is an excellent method for driving additional sales in the coming year. With rebates, you don’t directly slash the price of products and services but instead, incentivize the purchase of products. Once customers fulfill all the incentive requirements, they will receive their rebate, which helps them save money […]

What Are Vendor Rebate Agreements?

There are several ways to increase sales while providing customers with an incentive to purchase your product or increase the amount they buy. Discount prices are one option, but other ways are to give the merchants a reduced price point. One such option is known as vendor rebate agreements. But what are vendor rebate agreements, […]

Rebate Processing: What Needs To Go On Behind The Scenes

The Execution Of Your Rebate Processing Can Make Or Break Its Success Rebates are a great promotional strategy. Not only do they offer your customers a sweet reward for their purchase, but they provide you with the marketing power you need to beat out your competitors and stay on top in your market. This “value” […]

What is a Ship and Debit Agreement and How to Ensure Favorable SPA’s

In general practice, you offer the same base price of services to all potential customers. However, there often comes a time where a special price agreement, or SPA, is warranted. Whether it is to attract a large client, reward a long-time customer with a price break, or help iron out some issues the client might […]

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