Rebate Fulfillment

Sales Incentives & Spiffs

Data Collection

Why Incentive Insights


We offer customizable consumer rebate programs, SPIFFs and sales incentives that will meet your particular needs.

Rebate Processing & Fulfillment

We provide highly flexible  rebate processing and fulfillment solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs.

Large Yet Boutique

We offer the capacity of a large firm with the benefits of boutique customization at every step.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Offers managed by Incentive Insights are designed to include data collection with the goals of our clients in mind.

Industries We Service

We have developed a very strong presence and expertise in the automotive aftermarket industry and have spent years perfecting customer incentive programs that fit this industry’s specific needs.  Other industries that we work closely with include electronics, furniture and housewares. Find out more about what a consumer rebate program can do for your business.

At Incentive Insights, we strive to provide you with all the tools you need to be successful–whether it’s consumer rebate programs or sales incentives for your employees. Take a look at our free guides and ebooks to get started.

Get to Know Incentive Insights

Incentive Insights is reinventing consumer rebate programs and sales channel sales incentive programs. By committing to excellence throughout every phase of the development and management process, we have opened the door to a deeper understanding of value.

We recognize the incredible potential represented in the data captured through consumer rebate programs. This data enhances the value not only in the rebate, spiff, and jobber programs themselves, but also in the value of the very products that are being promoted.

Our approach yields more insights through your sales incentives, bridging the gap between consumer and manufacturer while, at the same time, reinforcing your sales channels and creating new ones. Contact us today to learn more about our consumer rebate programs, sales incentives, and sales SPIFFS.

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