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PHOENIX — Incentive Insights, an incentive and rebate management company, will attend the Custom Automotive Network (CAN) Connect Annual Conference. The conference will be held from September 6 through 8 and will be virtual this year!

Incentive Insights will attend CAN Connect to help automotive aftermarket business owners understand the benefits of using incentives. Rebates and other Incentives boost customer loyalty and allow companies to gather data to improve the customer experience or better target their audience. Businesses can stand out in a competitive market by effectively using incentives.

Incentive Insights provides several rebate management services to automotive aftermarket businesses, including:

  • Customized data solutions that allow companies to create a unique experience, drive brand loyalty, and make other strategic decisions.
  • An incentive payment solution that influences customer behavior
  • Branded card solutions that reinforce a company’s branding

About Incentive Insights

Incentive Insights is a consumer insights, data collection, incentive, and rebate company. The company can effectively manage rebates while also providing the customization of a boutique firm. Incentive Insights originally began in 1985 as DataMatrix Technologies. The company’s name is derived from its technology that allows for a high volume of accurate data capture and automated analysis at an affordable cost. DataMatrix Technologies rebranded as Incentive Insights in 2017. The rebranding reflects a focus on the critical insights businesses can gain through sales channels and customer incentive programs.

About CAN Connect

CAN Connect is an annual conference for the automotive industry. It differs from many conferences because it provides pre-scheduled private meetings with resellers, manufacturers, sales reps, service, and media partners. The conference offers an opportunity for up to 30 direct meetings of 40- minutes each. CAN Connect is sponsored by CAN, a nonprofit membership association for the automotive industry. Members include distributors, resellers, manufacturers, service providers, sales representatives, retailers, and media.


Incentive Insights is a proud CAN Member.

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