Incentive Insights has the capacity of a large firm with the flexibility and customization of a boutique firm.

Large Firms

Large firms feature redundant processing power to catch errors and to cheaply and efficiently process incentives, including SPIFFS, sales incentives for customers, rebates and jobber offers.

Large firms take on a lot of clients. They pre-set their program parameters because they don’t have time to customize based on specific needs of individual clients. This “one size fits all” approach means that custom information is typically not worthwhile for large firms.

rebate processing firm

Boutique Firms

Boutique firms are well-equipped for customization. Because they are selective about which companies they choose to work with, they have far more flexibility than large firms. Because they don’t use pre-determined templates, they have the ability to create custom fields based on the specific needs of each client.

Boutique processing firms are typically more expensive than large firms. Because they don’t have the high volume of clients, their pricing tends to not be as competitive. Plus, they don’t have the redundant processing needed to maintain accuracy.

The Incentive Insights Advantage

Incentive Insights combines the cost effectiveness and efficiency of large firms with the flexibility of boutique firms, providing an experience that is both unique and affordable.

Our team collaborates with you on every project to help your team meet the goals you have in place. We even go a step further, often achieving goals that you didn’t consider possible from rebate and incentive programs.

The Rebate Resurgence

Incentive Insights is reinventing how rebates are used. With customizable incentive programs and sales incentives for customers, we are able to drive long term sales and connect manufacturers directly with end users. Increasingly, social media connections, email marketing campaigns, and detailed consumer demographic and psychographic information are valuable assets.

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Examples of Incentive Insights Campaigns

Incentive Insights Features


Incentive Insights rebates are created with you and for you by our team of experts.


We have years of experience setting up successful rebate campaigns to meet many different corporate goals. Your success is our success.


Our responsive U.S. based customer service specialists provide extensive expertise in incentives and data collection.


Our reporting and analytics are expertly prepared and presented with an emphasis on actionable intelligence. The results of our reports and analytics can be immediately applied to marketing strategies without any guesswork.


Incentive Insights processes meet the highest standards of data validation and fraud management, preventing possible abuses. Our capacities in enhanced data reporting and analytics often catch abuses that traditional rebate firms can miss.

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