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Orlando, FL — Incentive Insights, a rebate company and processor of rebates, will be attending the Global Pet Expo, March 23 to 25 in Orlando. The expo is the pet industry’s premier event and features the most innovative pet products on the market today. The expo will be held in the South Concourse of the Orange County Convention Center. The expo theme is “Where Big Ideas Come to Life.”

Incentive Insights offers solutions to help pet-industry companies build their business. Incentives can help pet-industry companies stand out in a saturated market and build a brand community for their participants. Incentive Insights can also provide an incentive vehicle to gain brand and product testimonials. Incentives don’t just help businesses gain a temporary boost in sales; if used properly, they can help companies to identify future opportunities.

Incentive Insights’ big ideas have come to life to solve several challenges for pet-industry businesses.

  • Its customized solutions accommodate a company’s advanced data collection needs, including species, pet name, and health conditions. Data scientists work with the company to help it determine which questions to ask its customers and then enable the company to create a unique customer experience and to develop a rewards and loyalty program.
  • It provides payment solutions that pet-industry businesses can use to provide incentives for social media sharing campaigns. In these social media sharing campaigns, product purchasers share their good experience with the brand or their pet photos on social media sites and receive a financial reward.
  • Incentive Insights also offers branded card solutions. As participants use these cards in the world, they reinforce the company’s branding. Card use also creates conversations that revolve around the brand.
  • Incentive Insights can help pet-industry companies to use the data collected from the incentives to build a customer marketing database. The companies can then use the information to create the best online and physical experience possible for each customer.

About Incentive Insights

Incentive Insights provides the customization of a boutique firm while having the capacity to process incentives efficiently. The company’s history goes back to 1985 with the founding of DataMatrix Technologies. The company’s name is derived from its technology that allows for a high volume of accurate data capture and automated analysis at an affordable cost. In 2017, DataMatrix Technologies rebranded as Incentive Insights. The rebranding reflects a focus on the importance of insights that can be gained through sales channels and customer incentive programs. Innovative technology now gives Incentive Insights reporting abilities that are unparalleled in our industry.

About the Global Pet Expo

The Global Pet Expo is produced by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA). It connects pet product manufacturers, importers, retailers, thought leaders, and creative minds. It also features exhibits and educational sessions.

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