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Our ultimate objective for sharing this comprehensive case study about the Incentive Insights approach is to demonstrate how Incentive Insights consistently provides value-added benefits to its customers. As a leading rebate program provider, our firm predominately develops innovative enterprise grade rebate programs in the manufacturing sector.

About The Company

In this case study, the client is a leading, privately held firm, with a sterling reputation. The company has been in business for more than sixty years.

This particular client manufactures and supplies jeep truck tops and accessories. The client’s product line also offer aftermarket products as well as additional automotive products. This remarkable industry leader creates and sells its diverse line of products online through trusted distributors and international resellers in Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Europe, France, and the United States.

The client’s design team is a dynamic group of highly talented people known for their relentless creative drive with research, product excellence, design creation, modification, and final product execution. To cite one example, several years ago, the team created a revolutionary soft replacement top, which is a best-selling soft top in the entire United States.

The Issues

Clearly, the client knows its market, and sales are good. However, digital marketing has taken hold of the world of marketing, and many businesses, our client included, are struggling to collect the data they need to support their marketing endeavors.

When this client contacted Incentive Insights, they had been working with another rebate management provider. The experience they had with this rebate service  provider was beyond unsatisfactory. At Incentive Insights, we were determined to show them what a strong rebate program can really do.

The client had several complaints regarding their previous rebate program provider.

  • The previous rebate service provider lacked professional service. Our client dealt with unknowledgeable customer service representatives repeatedly.
  • The client did not receive regular, consistent reporting from the previous rebate service This made it very difficult to acquire usable data. Additionally, this prevented our client from making strong data-driven decisions.
  • The client ultimately had a poor return on investment with the previous rebate service This is obviously a huge problem for any business. The client was investing money and getting nothing in return.

All of these issues left our client in a very unfortunate situation. The marketing team was left attempting to explain to top executives how and why the incentive programs that had seemed so promising had so disappointingly failed. Clearly, they had made a mistake when they selected the rebate program provider. In fact, the client was so unhappy with the performance of the previous rebate program provider that they signed on with us on the spot, at an industry tradeshow for a test incentive offer.

The Incentive Insights Approach

At Incentive Insights, we know all about how old rebate service  providers have failed to deliver. We have a new, modern approach to incentive and rebate programs. When this client contacted us, we were confident that we could address their many concerns. Furthermore, we were confident that our modern approach to incentive and rebate programs would rectify the issues they had previously faced.

We strongly believe that it is vital to research industry trends. When this client contacted us, we began with an extensive review of overall industry sales. Original equipment auto manufacturers along with aftermarket suppliers enjoyed a brisk business with strong sales. After seven consecutive years of growth, auto sales remained strong. As a result of this seven year sales growth, the projection for additional growth was looking strong. Thus, we were quite confident that the right incentive program could provide an excellent ROI for our client.

Given the extent of their dissatisfaction with the previous rebate service  provider, we were excited to show our client how well our customized incentive programs could work for their business.

At Incentive Insights, the ultimate purpose of our customized incentive programs is to collect consumer data. This allows our clients to utilize a strong data-driven approach to their sales and marketing endeavors. Data collection and data analysis is vital to understanding consumers, their needs, and their purchasing behaviors. Through accurate, in-depth, customized reporting, we are able to help our clients to better understand their sales channels. This allows our clients to develop more effective strategies in order to drive sales.

Furthermore, at Incentive Insights, we fully understand the importance of fast turnaround on consumer rebates. Whereas traditional rebate service providers could be exceptionally slow with sending rebates to the consumers, our modern approach to incentive programs allows consumers to receive their rebates far more quickly. Not only does this quick turnaround keep consumers happy, it also increases our clients’ credibility with their customers. Credibility builds consumer trust and brand loyalty, which is fundamental to customer retention.

Data collection and consistent customized reporting isn’t the only important attribute of the Incentive Insights approach. We also strongly believe that superior customer service is paramount to a good relationship. Our account managers and customer service representatives are readily available to answer questions and address concerns. Our clients can be confident that our customer service representatives are knowledgeable and quick to act whenever an issue arises. We consider ourselves to be an extension of our clients’ teams, and collaboration is a key component of all of our initiatives.

The Results

Our confidence in our approach truly impressed our client. They quickly moved from their single initial test offer for a period of one month to implementing ten to twelve offers a quarter. In fact, our client was so satisfied with our customized reporting and strong consumer data collection that they even added special promotions and jobber offers to their repertoire of rebate programs.

At this point in our relationship, we have more than earned the client’s trust. We have become part of their team. Through our customized incentive programs, we have collected valuable customer data. This customer data has strengthened our client’s sales channels and facilitated their marketing strategies. With our assistance, our client has developed a more modern approach to marketing and customer data collection. Our customized reporting continues to prove to our client that our incentive program solutions and our modern approach to incentive and rebate programs is an effective method of consumer data collection. They now have a far better understanding of who their customers are, what their customers want and expect, and how to exceed their customers’ expectations.

Additionally, our client has been thrilled with our superior level of customer service. Our team of customer service specialists consistently work above and beyond for this client. Every question is answered promptly and respectfully. Every issue is resolved efficiently and competently. We are able to communicate with our client clearly and concisely. Furthermore, because we so thoroughly researched the client’s industry during our onboarding, we are able to anticipate possible issues before they arise. This allows us to resolve exceptions  before they even become problems. We keep the channels of communication open and transparent, and our client is now completely confident in our ability to offer high quality customer service.

Our client has been incredibly pleased with the ROI for our modern approach to incentive programs. Given their horrifying experience with their previous rebate program provider, they did not have much hope for success. Within just one month, we were able to show our client precisely how effective a strong, well-executed incentive campaign can be.

Ready to Try Our Modern Incentive Solutions?

Incentive Insights is proud to offer modern customized solutions for your rebate programs. We work with your team, collaborating with you through every step. Our superior customer service will quickly assure you that your endeavors are well-executed and well-supported.

Ready to get started with your own modern rebate solutions? Contact us today! We’re ready to answer all of your questions.

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