Sales Channel Incentives and SPIFF Programs

Sales Goals Are Made Possible With Incentive Insights: Your Partner In Sales Incentives And SPIFFs

A channel sales strategy is an opportunity for your business to get its product or service in the hands of the right consumer. With the help of third-party resellers, distributors, value-added providers, and other types of channel partners, you’re able to generate demand and drive sales while at the same time lowering sales, marketing, and distribution costs, scaling effectively and expanding into new markets.

But if you want to be successful with a channel sales strategy in today’s market, a compelling sales incentive program is often necessary. A sales incentive program and/or SPIFF program can be an effective way to change a partner’s behavior and encourage them to perform on your behalf. When it comes to sales incentive programs, our approach combines the right sales incentives and spiffs to keep your team motivated to sell without discounting your products.

Incentivizing Sales Representatives: What A SPIFF Can Do For You

With a channel sales strategy, it’s important to build and maintain strong relationships with your channel sales partners. A SPIFF or Sales Program Incentive Fund is a proven method for incentivizing your partners’ individual sales representatives to perform while at the same time adding value to your relationship and establishing loyalty. With a SPIFF program, you can incentivize individuals on your partners’ sales team to promote your products with a performance based reward. SPIFFs allow you to encourage salespeople to help you strive for a goal while never cutting into your bottom line.


Design a channel sales strategy that will allow your company to achieve its sales and marketing goals easily!

We Work To Understand Your Business’ Needs, Then We Identify The Right Combination Of Sales Incentives To Meet Them

Our approach to flexible, customizable sales solutions means that we can combine specialized sales and SPIFF programs to complement each other and increase revenue.

Icon for strategic B2B rebates

Strategic B2B Rebates

Encourage resellers to stock your product and make it available for purchase.

Icon for Motivating SPIFFs

Motivating SPIFFs

Inspire salespeople to help you reach your sales goals with a small, immediate SPIFF bonus.

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Compelling Customer Rebates

Push consumers to purchase from your resellers with the right customer rebate.

Learn More About Your Sales Channel With A Sales Partner Incentive Program

Through a sales incentive, you can gain insight into how each area of your sales chain is performing and valuable feedback you might have lost out on otherwise. This valuable insight into your sales channel can then be used to further improve your sales cycle and create more effective sales incentives in the future. Our team will work with you to determine what type of data needs to be captured and then assist you in setting up a sales incentive program that will allow you to do so.