Incentive Insights is transforming rebate and sales performance incentive fund (SPIF) processing from a humdrum fulfillment task into a platform for deep customer analysis and engagement.

Our Approach

Incentive Insights is a consumer insights, data collection, and rebate company focusing on rebate fulfillment. As first-class rebate processors, we make it our priority to help you strengthen your customer relationships.

Our programs help manufacturers and distributors like you better identify and understand customer personas. This information allows you to use the data collected from your rebate programs to improve your marketing strategies and increase revenue. Incentive Insights has also become a leader in developing rebate programs for restricted consumer goods. This takes many years of process development to implement without breaking Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules for restricted consumer goods.

Customer Service

Headquartered in White Plains, New York, Incentive Insights employs an experienced team of rebate fulfillment and customer service experts.

Data & Business Intelligence

Our highly skilled programmers integrate keen business intelligence with sophisticated modern data queries. Since 1985, we have proven that Incentive Insights can work within many business systems and data tools.

Strategic Approach

We pride ourselves on our ability to utilize the expertise of our team members to implement strategies that can work for our clients locally, nationally, and even globally.

Our Vision

We strongly believe that building ethical, customer-focused programs are the foundation of lasting customer relationships. We strive to be a first-class rebate company and offer the best solutions to you and their customers while implementing strategies that can adapt to your evolving needs.


At Incentive Insights, we believe that a transparent and ethical approach to incentive programs is the basis for building quality relationships between our clients and their customers.


We help our clients effectively carry out programs that provide value to their customers. Every customer deserves respect, and respect fosters trust between our clients and their customers.


Founded in 1985 with a culture based on integrity, we are a leader in data-driven solutions & have been creating a better way of doing business through the use of technology.


We seamlessly integrate our incentive programs within your sales channels offering a new perspective on how incentive programs can improve customer relationships.

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