The Beginning

The story of Incentive Insights begins in 1985, with the founding of a company called DataMatrix Technologies. With a company culture based first and foremost on integrity, DataMatrix is a leader in data-driven solutions. Realizing that SPIFFs and rebates have been held back by 20th century business practices, DataMatrix decided that technology was the solution.

modern rebates

The Use of Technology

While many manufacturers and distributors might believe that that SPIFFs and rebates are outdated and no longer useful, DataMatrix created a better way of doing business through use of technological advancement. Specifically, we have implemented technology that allows for a high volume of accurate data capture and automated analysis at an affordable cost.

Incentive Insights

In 2017, DataMatrix rebranded as Incentive Insights. This name change reflects our concentration on the importance of data and insights that we can gain through your sales channels and customer incentive programs.

We have recruited top software engineers in order to provide next level service to our clients. We believe that our reporting abilities are unparalleled in our industry. With our focus on flexibility, our customizable reports can give our clients exactly what they need, helping them realize the potential of all of the data that they already have at their fingertips.

At Incentive Insights, we have cultivated a strong team of highly skilled professionals. Each team member brings a wealth of experience from their individual fields and specialties.

Our team’s combination of entrepreneurial experience, technological expertise and marketing ingenuity is precisely what makes Incentive Insights the innovative company that our clients rely on us to be.

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