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Incentive Insights brings you the best incentive solutions for your business. No matter what type of incentive programs you’re looking for, we have you covered. We create flexible solutions that adapt to your needs.

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A New Approach

We know that you want to build stronger relationships throughout your sales chain. The traditional approach to rebate fulfillment is slow, inaccurate and offers poor customer service. We pride ourselves on our flexible, customized and innovative approach to rebate fulfillment. Our transparent, ethical approach focuses on your specific needs, building relationships that last. Where traditional rebate fulfillment fails, Incentive Insights excels.

Our Promise to You

Your success is our success. Our programs are only as good as the relationships we help you build.

Incentive Insights Rebate Fulfillment

The Incentive Insights Difference

Data Collection

Enhanced data capture abilities utilizing advanced technology

Data Analysis

Expert analysis of valid, real-time data with customized reports that you can understand

Customer Connections

Exceptional techniques that engage your customers to create relationships that last

Customer Service

A core philosophy of superior customer service means your customers are our priority

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