Sales SPIFF &
Customer Incentive Programs

Better Solutions for Your Business

Incentive Insights creates better solutions for sales SPIFFs and customer incentives. That means better solutions for your business.

Target every point in your sales channels

Incentivize with the right incentive

Encourage the behavior you want

Cultivate quality consumer relationships

Incentives that Get Results

Incentive Insights creates flexible, custom solutions for customer incentives and sales SPIFFs that are focused on your short-term and long-term business goals from planning to execution to data collection and analysis.

Rebate Fulfillment

Incentive Insights offers flexible solutions for rebate fulfillment. Traditionally, rebate fulfillment is inefficient, inaccurate and offers poor customer service. Our rebate fulfillment solutions offer a flexible, customized and innovative approach specific to your goals and needs. We strive to excel where traditional rebate fulfillment fails.

Sales Incentives & Sales SPIFFs

Loyalty among your third-party retail sales people is an important aspect of product promotion and sales. Our SPIFF programs are fully custom-designed to be a valuable element of sales management for your company. Not only do our incentive programs provide motivation for your staff, they also improve performance of individual sales people.

Data Collection

Our incentive programs are designed to collect valuable data that can be used to further improve your incentive campaigns and help improve the efficiency of your sales channels. Our team of expert data scientists work tirelessly with you to ensure the information that is being collected will be of value to your short-term and long-term sales goals.

The Incentive Insights Difference

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