Rebate and Sales Incentives, Warranty Registration, Data Collection, Custom Online Portals, and Reporting Solutions

We Create Better Solutions for Customer and Sales Incentives

Better Incentive Solutions Means Better Results For Your Business

At Incentive Insights, we offer both customer and sales incentive solutions focused on helping your business solve problems and achieve goals, whatever they may be! From program strategy collaboration to execution, consumer data collection and analysis–a partnership with Incentive Insights will put your business in a position to succeed.

Rebate Processing and Fulfillment

Rebates aren’t new, but our innovative approach to rebates is! Where traditional rebate processing and fulfillment falls short, Incentive Insights excels. We offer flexible, customizable, and innovative B2B and B2C rebate solutions to fit your business’ needs.

Sales Channel Incentives and SPIFF Programs

At Incentive Insights we believe that a customized combination of channel sales incentives and SPIFFs can be used to build and maintain strong relationships with your sales partners. Our sales incentive solutions strategically target your sales chain to keep members motivated and performing while never taking away from your bottom line.

Warranty Registration For Consumer Data Collection

Our solutions for warranty and product registration programs allow your business to offer its customers something of value in exchange for quality customer data and insights. With this data, your team will then be able to better marketing and sales efforts and drive big results.

Customer Data Collection and Reporting Insights

We have developed advanced technology and cutting-edge techniques that allow us to ensure the customer data we collect and provide you with is accurate and of the highest quality. With Incentive Insights and our team of expert data scientists, you and your company will gain access to a wealth of consumer insights.

target key points

Target key points in your sales channel


Incentivize with the right incentive

motivate behaviors

Motivate behaviors that make a difference

Build quality consumer relationships

Build quality consumer relationships

Reliable Software Solutions

Customized Online Portals For Your Company and Its Promotions

When offering a digital customer incentive program or sales incentive program, an online submission portal is necessary to collect submissions and data. Whereas other incentive companies will limit your ability to customize solutions, we know flexibility is key. Your business does not have the same needs as every other business.  We offer:

  • Branded submission portals
  • Branded search portals
  • Branded registration portals
  • Portals for survey questions
  • APIs or application programming interface
  • Data and file workflows
  • Rebate submission workflows

See how our software solutions could work for your company’s needs. Request a free promotional offer set-up.