We don’t just collect data from your incentive programs, we make sure the data is accurate and can be applied to your future marketing and sales efforts.

In-depth customer data mining & analysis

Incentive Insights brings customer data mining and analysis to the next level. With traditional incentive programs, manufacturers typically don’t have access to the wealth of information that we can provide to our clients. This is usable information that our clients can incorporate into comprehensive data-driven marketing strategies.


At Incentive Insights, we know that all the data we capture is only valuable if you’re able to understand it. Our comprehensive reporting methods are clear and straightforward.

Customized Reports

Our reports are fully customizable so that you never have to sift through information that you don’t need or that you simply don’t want. We provide reports that are specifically designed for you — based on your needs and your goals.

Sales Channel Reports

We have designed our incentive programs to help you understand data from all points of your sales channels. We implement incentive programs that provide manufacturers direct-to-consumer sales opportunities. We also gather data through your distributors or your retailers. We create incentive programs that offer rebates directly to your customers and we also implement SPIFF programs to increase your sales through your third party retailers.

Data You Can Use

Data is only valuable if it accurately informs you about your customers and the effectiveness of your sales channels. We provide real-world data that you can actually use.

Types of Data

Incentive Insights has the ability to capture more consumer data than most manufacturers even realize is possible.

Demographic Data Capture

The term demographics refers to a wide variety of attributes. Some examples of demographic information are age, ethnicity, gender, income level, education level and family size. Demographic information can tell you a lot about who your customers are. This allows you to better target customers not only with your incentive programs, but also with other elements of your marketing plan.

Geographic Data Capture

If your business serves a broad customer base that encompasses a large variety of demographics, knowing the geographic areas where the majority of your consumers are purchasing your products can be a valuable asset. This is particularly helpful for manufacturers, distributors and retailers that predominantly serve specific local or regional areas.

Psychographic Data Capture

Psychographic customer data mining is based on the psychological attributes of consumers. Some examples of psychological attributes for consumers are their interests, lifestyle preferences, values and personality traits. These types of information really narrow down who your customers are, which allows you to very specifically focus your marketing strategy.

Behavioral Data Capture

If you think that more specifically targeted strategies, programs and campaigns are right for your business, behavioral data can be invaluable. Behavioral data is another highly focused type of information based on consumer behavior. You are able to target your customers based on specific behavioral patterns that they display while making purchasing decisions. Some examples of usable behavior patterns include purchasing behavior, times of purchases and frequency of purchases.

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