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When it comes to sales for your business, it isn’t always all about generating new sales and discounts for your customers. Sometimes you need to consider the other end of the spectrum. You need to look at ways to motivate your counter people or outside salespeople and make it more beneficial to increase their sales rather than just offer incentives to your clients. After all, if a counter person or outside salesperson is only making the same amount of money, regardless of the kind of sales they make during a given period, there is no true motivation to push them into boosting their sales. With sales incentive programs, you completely change this. Your non-employee support can make more money, which will prompt them to seek out more sales. But don’t worry, if you’re not familiar with sales incentive programs or how they work, the team at Incentive Insights is here to help.

What is a Sales Incentive Program?

This is the opposite approach to most sales programs utilized by businesses. The majority of the time, a sale or discount might be established to entice customers to make a purchase. The problem with this is while a customer might feel the incentive to purchase more products, your counter person or outside salesperson will not feel incentified to generate more sales for your business. After all, why should they work harder than they need to if one sale or 100 sales over a quarter nets them the same kind of pay?

A sales incentive program corrects this. With an incentive program, you will create a ladder for your non-employee staff. When they reach different sales thresholds, they will receive various incentives. These incentives can be anything and everything. Perhaps on the first sale, the counter person or outside salesperson receives a nice mug or something to celebrate their first sale or you may offer vacations, electronic devices, additional salary, or something else for reaching a set threshold – (This is typical for actual employees, but in this case, we are talking more about the non-employee incentive in which Incentive Insights specializes in.) This would be something more like they make ten sales over a week, they may receive a gift card. That is what a sales incentive program is. The people helping your business receive an incentive when they perform well.

Monitoring Your Outside of Organization Sales

When it comes to generating business data, you may put in a considerable effort to track client names and know what products they purchase, when they purchase the products, and how often they might need repeat orders. However, one side of the coin you might not be looking at is monitoring your counter person or outside salesperson’s sales.

Knowing what kind of sales your non-employee sales support is generating will help you in several ways. For starters, if there ever comes a time to let a person go, you’ll be able to look over the sales figures and choose the outside support you need to part with based on this information. You can also identify the counter person or outside salesperson that routinely outperforms their counterparts and brings you the largest return on their investment. With this much-needed information, you can then harness it to generate new sales information and provide incentives to your outside sales.

Creating The Right Sales Incentive Program

So what incentive program is right for you? This is something you need to finely tune. You don’t want a program that will fully dip into your bottom line, leaving you with very little profit and no money to market your company. Instead of going into this blindly, let Incentive Insights help you out. By going over current sales trends, your outside sales support, and other critical data, it is possible to design an incentive program that will not only better fit your business but will better fit your outside sales support as well. So contact Incentive Insights today.

Keeping Your Outside Sales Person Happy

There has been a massive migration away from traditional jobs throughout the United States. Many former salespeople have left the world of outside sales and have decided not to return. It is up to you to safeguard your business and make sure you’re fully supported. So how do you capitalize on your counter person or outside salesperson and keep them happy? Make sure they have a reason to stay motivated. If they cannot generate more sales and make moreover a set period, do they really have the drive to seek out more sales?

With a sales incentive program, your counter person or outside salesperson has an actual reason to go after other sales and boost sales numbers for them and you. By reaching these established sales numbers, your counter person or outside salesperson will take home “more” (whatever incentive you have in place). Most businesses around the United States are struggling to maintain their current outside support. That doesn’t need to be the case. You just need to know how to keep your counter person or outside salespeople happy. One such way is implementing a sales incentive program into your business.

Learn More About Sales Incentive Programs

It doesn’t matter if you’ve offered your outside salespeople additional perks in the past for generating new sales or if this is a brand new concept. A sales incentive program is an excellent way to motivate your people and promote growth. With this kind of program enabled, you’ll keep more revenue for the business while still motivating your outside salespeople. This, in turn, will help keep your counter person or outside salespeople happy, which will also help you avoid shortages in this support. So, if you want to learn more about sales incentive programs and whether or not these programs are right for your business, contact Incentive Insights.

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