We take the time to understand your brand to build custom incentive programs that help you reach your goals.

The Incentive Insights Difference

At Incentive Insights, we understand that incentive programs provide an opportunity to connect with the people you are incentivizing.

Customer Direct Solutions

We create data-driven solutions that target the right customers with the right incentive. Our systems have the ability to capture specific and accurate data about your end customers. Our fully customizable solutions provide you with the data that you want and need.

Custom Solutions

All of our solutions are can be customized to get you the results that you want. We have the flexibility to create hybrid solutions that can include any combination of your sales points so that all of your incentive programs reinforce each other.

Why Incentive Insights

Our strengths can help you achieve your goals with your outreach incentive campaigns.


Within the rebate industry, rigidity is the standard. Not with Incentive Insights! We customize your incentive programs to meet your needs. If your needs change or adjustments are required during the promotion, we are always ready to update and apply your changes to ensure your needs are being met.

Program Planning

During our detailed, personalized setup process, we plan and develop the details of each incentive campaign with a superior focus on client objectives. Those in-depth conversations help us identify potential pitfalls and provide opportunities to suggest a custom-built strategy for achieving those outcomes.

Large Yet Boutique

We combine the cost effectiveness and efficiency of a large firm with the flexibility and benefits of a boutique firm. We have the capacity of a large firm while providing the customization of a boutique firm. Our team develops custom solutions on every project to help you meet your specific goals.

Data Analysis & Reporting

We provide insights about where your product is being sold, who is selling your product and who is buying your product.  We help you identify which parts of the sales channel are reacting to incentives and which ones are not.  This data can be used to develop future programs to get maximum engagement.

Why We’re Different

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