Consumer Product

GSP Companies Hit Their Revenue Goals with Incentive Insights

When working in consumer products, there is often the continual need to showcase products and offer savings opportunities to attract customers to buy a single product and become return or repeat buyers. Depending on the consumer products your business works with, there may be a general need to repeat purchases regularly (such as the case for dog food or hygiene products, where the items purchased will need to be replaced).

Crafting the right consumer product rebate isn’t as simple as selecting a product and pulling an offer out of thin air. To make sure consumers receive their return discount, product, or other promised rebate, there needs to be a system in place capable of storing and tracking consumer progress in reaching the rebate goal. Being prepared to execute the rebate program is crucial, it reflects on you and the brand if execution fails. By taking advantage of the services and expertise of Incentive Insights, you are setting yourself up for success.

Our Consumer Product Programs

Analytics & Reporting

  • Meaningful information and insights for each user

Fund Management

  • Allocate, track, and validate all spending by fund type

Award / Refund Issuance

  • Issuing cards or checks to participants at a specific dollar amount. Clients can either provide a file of participant data with award amounts, share the information by API
  • Awards can also be physical items like T-shirts or item kits shipped out directly by the client or the client’s drop shipper.

Consumer incentive processing

  • We can build a custom solution that handles the entire consumer incentive process. From setup to issuing incentives.

B2B Incentive Processing

  • We can build a custom solution that handles the entire B2B Incentive process. From setup to fulfillment.

What is a Consumer Product Rebate To Us?

This type of discount promises a return of funds, a special product, or another item in exchange for the consumer buying a set number of products. The agreed-upon purchase can be anything. Whether it is a single item, a combination of two items, or several items over an extended period, in exchange for the consumers’ purchase(s), the company, in return, will provide a promised rebate. Again, this can be anything from returning funds, offering a special item not otherwise available, or something else entirely.

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Summary of Consumer Product Rebate Fulfillment

The fulfillment has various levels of difficulty. If the consumer only needs to purchase a single product, the fulfillment is straightforward. However, if the rebate is accumulated over a series of purchases, it will require monitoring of each consumer’s purchases to validate all requirements were met to receive the rebate. Our processing engine will record when customers submit a specific purchase and use the information to process and validate the submission against the rebate rules and begin the fulfillment process.
This will make the process dramatically easier for you to stay on top as you offer the consumer their rebate.

Get Started

Incentive Insights has been in the business of data collection and rebate fulfillment for over 20 years, so we know what makes a consumer incentive program successful. If you want to motivate consumers to buy your products and build a better understanding of your customer base, we want to help.

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