Consumer rebate & sales channel incentive programs offered through Incentive Insights yield far richer data than our competitors can provide.

Rebate Management

A strong rebate program rewards consumers and channel sales partners for purchases and benefits your business by boosting sales, increasing customer retention and gathering valuable customer data. At the same time, internal rebate management takes time and resources you might want to spend on other tasks.

To benefit from a rebate program without the hassle, many manufacturers and retailers outsource brand rebate management. At Incentive Insights, we’re proud to offer a range of rebate management services to meet your company’s needs.

Our Approach to Brand Rebate Management

At Incentive insights, we take a detailed, methodical approach to rebate and incentive program management. We start by listening carefully to our clients’ goals for their rebate programs. Our understanding of our clients’ needs is then coupled with a highly flexible process of designing and executing programs to fulfill those needs.

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Rebate Program Planning and Execution

During our thorough setup process, our primary goal is to identify incentive program ideas that can maximize the results of programs tailored to your company. Once we have a plan in place, we’ll execute it to provide the best possible outcomes. Our rebate management services include efficient processing, rebate fulfillment and data collection.

When you trust us to manage your rebate and incentive campaigns, we’ll handle processing and fulfillment for you, so you can use your internal resources for more important sales and marketing work. We’ll usher rebate submissions through the processing stage accurately and ensure participants receive their rebates in a timely manner for a program that meets your goals within your budget.

Promotion and Offer Setup

When we set up a new incentive program for a client, our project specialists ask in-depth questions. The comprehensive interview helps us brainstorm effective solutions for any potential issues that may occur during promos.

Our easy setup removes the uncertainty for clients new to incentive programs. Given our decades of experience with incentive programs and rebate management, we’ve seen it all.

Our collaborative approach provides a flexible partnership for clients who are looking to improve or expand their sales incentive and consumer rebate programs.

Customer Service

Our proactive setup helps to ensure that every interaction our customer service representatives have with your customers or sales channel members are handled appropriately, efficiently and respectfully.

Our clients rest easy knowing that their programs are running smoothly. We believe in full transparency, so we will regularly provide you with updates and reports on your programs.

Of course, if you ever have questions, we are always available. Our priority is to provide best-in-class rebate campaign management and incentive program support to you and your customers or sales channel members.

The Value of Data Collection

Rebate experience management can do more than impress customers and boost sales — it can also help you learn more about your customers. Rebate campaigns serve as effective data collection tools. The financial incentive encourages customers to participate, which means you’ll receive accurate, relevant data straight from the people who matter, not removed third parties.

At Incentive Insights, we consider data collection a key part of rebate campaign management. Our quality assurance specialists check every data point for accuracy and consistency, perform analyses and provide custom reports in language that’s easy to understand. You can use the information we provide to make informed decisions and improve your business by:

– Developing more successful products

-Tailoring marketing to consumer profiles

-Honing your channel sales strategy

-Offering more enticing rebates in the future

When you work with Incentive Insights, you’ll receive valuable data without the stress of managing it yourself.

The Benefits of Rebate Program Management

Outsourcing rebate program management comes with many benefits for manufacturers and retailers. The rebate management services we offer at Incentive Insights are designed to deliver:

Better participant experience: At Incentive Insights, we’ve been processing and fulfilling rebates since 1985. Today, we use our industry knowledge and experience to create custom rebate technology, portal and software solutions that meet brand needs while setting your campaigns up for success. With an online submission portal, rebate campaigns make participation easier and more enjoyable, resulting in happier and more loyal participants.

Efficient processing and fulfillment: We can process and fulfill high volumes of submissions quickly and accurately. Whether you plan to use a physical or digital submission process, we’ll take steps to prevent fraud and ensure qualifying customers receive their rewards when promised.

Success for multiple campaigns: At Incentive Insights, we strive to build lasting relationships with our clients. We’re available to help with brand rebate management whether you run an intense, year-round rebate program or only offer incentives occasionally.

Learn More About Our Rebate Campaign Management Services

Outsourcing rebate campaign management to a trusted partner allows you to benefit from a rebate program without overtaxing your sales and marketing teams. To see how Incentive Insights could make your campaigns less stressful and more successful, reach out to us today. Call 914-290-4234 or request a free offer setup to get started with rebate management.

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