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Maximize Trade Promotions and Rebates with Incentive Insights

When working in the food service industry, you’re constantly forced to keep your prices as competitive as possible. With other service providers offering something similar to what you produce and sell, you rely on the quality, price, and customer service to attract and keep buyers. Developing brand loyalty is critical, and it will help you continually sell more products. And yet, in the world of competitive pricing, it is essential to offer customers the ability to save on goods throughout the year. One such method is through a foodservice rebate program, such as a spiff. By using a fulfillment service, you help guarantee sales while protecting your bottom line by simply offering a discounted price. Yet, in the foodservice industry, monitoring customer expenses can prove challenging. This is why you need the help of a service provider like Incentive Insights. With the ability to help you draft a rebate, monitor customer progress, and administer the fulfillment, you and your customers will be in good hands.

Our Food Service Programs

Claim Management

  • Automate calculation, validation, and payment of distributor rebates and earned income claims

Operator Programs

  • Capture complex operator rebate details with ease and view all relevant rebate parameters and calculations in real-time

MDF & Co-Op

  • Simplify MDF or co-op program management with automatic claims creation, payment scheduling, and reconciliation of funds claimed

Customer Rebates

  • View customer rebate performance; track and reward growth; easily view and approve, and automate posting

Award / Refund Issuance

  • Issuing cards or checks to participants at a specific dollar amount. Clients can either provide a file of participant data with award amounts, share the information by API
  • Awards can also be physical items like T-shirts or item kits shipped out directly by the client or the client’s drop shipper.

Consumer incentive processing

  • We can build a custom solution that handles the entire consumer incentive process. From setup to issuing incentives.

B2B Incentive Processing

  • We can build a custom solution that handles the entire B2B Incentive process. From setup to fulfillment.

Crafting a Rebate Spiff Program That’s Best For You, And Your Customers

Spiff programs should not be one-size-fits-all. They need to be crafted with both you and your customers in mind. You have an excellent understanding of what your customers like. You might also have new products you’d like to increase sales or drive new recognition. One way to do this is with the utilization of a rebate spiff program. It helps promote the purchase of these products. By reviewing your current sales records and gaining an in-depth knowledge of your customers, the right foodservice rebate spiff program can be crafted to drive sales and attention. This is where Incentive Insights can help.

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Executing Your Fulfillment Program

Once the spiff program is up and running, it is necessary to monitor the sales generated by customers. Often, incentive spiff programs take several weeks or months to accumulate enough traction to fulfill the rebate. During this down time, you not only need to monitor the purchases of your customers, but you may want to consider sending out updates. This will keep your customers informed on their rebate spiff status and encourage them to purchase more to meet the rebate spiff requirements. After all, they don’t want to miss out on saving money. Incentive Insights can help with this as well.

Get Started

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