High Tech

In the high-tech manufacturing and production industry, your clients depend on your ability to continually offer quality equipment or services that will help their own businesses thrive and stay protected. The tech industry is in constant flux, with new hardware and software regularly coming out. This means your clients will rely on you to provide them with this equipment. In order to stay ahead of the competition while providing your customers with quality products and services, you may decide to occasionally provide a discount. Whether this is on a popular product, equipment that is about to be replaced by a newer model and you want to offload your current stock, or you want to drive traffic to a product that may not have the kind of attention you’d like, various promotions, discounts, and offers can help generate sales. Let Incentive Insights help you set up the right incentive programs.

Our High Tech Programs

Customer Rebates

  • Drive revenue and reward behavior with targeted rebates

Channel Programs

  • Manage all aspects of planning, contracting, data ingestion, and claim validation

Distributor Rebates

  • Drive distributor behavior through fee-for-service, compliance, and volume-based programs

Award / Refund Issuance

  • Issuing cards or checks to participants at a specific dollar amount. Clients can either provide a file of participant data with award amounts, share the information by API
  • Awards can also be physical items like T-shirts or item kits shipped out directly by the client or the client’s drop shipper.

Consumer incentive processing

  • We can build a custom solution that handles the entire consumer incentive process. From setup to issuing incentives.

B2B Incentive Processing

  • We can build a custom solution that handles the entire B2B Incentive process. From setup to fulfillment.

Designing The Right Rebate Incentive Program

Crafting a rebate program isn’t simply picking out a variety of products then blindly deciding on the rebate incentive. That method may cut your profits undesirably, and the rebate may not prove fruitful in the end. Instead, you need to properly analyze your current sales trends and select products along with a rebate spiff that will work for your business and your customers. Incentive Insights can help with this process. After all, the best performing high tech rebate spiff comes from properly understanding the ebbs and flows of your sales to your clients, as well as what they might need to purchase at any given time on top of what you’re trying to sell. Incentive Insights can help ensure your rebate spiff programs make it to fulfillment.

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Incentive Insights has been in the business of data collection and rebate fulfillment for over 20 years, so we know what makes n incentive program successful.

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