Incentive Solutions for Distributors

As a manufacturer, you rely on several distributors to get your products to customers efficiently

However, you need to consider whether you’re doing enough to encourage your distribution partners to meet increasingly demanding sales goals. If you’re struggling to get the results you need, offering an extra incentive for distributors could make a difference.

Distributor incentive programs can help you build stronger relationships with your channel sales partners and get your products in more hands. At the same time, these programs can serve as effective data collection tools, providing the information you need to make better business decisions moving forward. At Incentive Insights, we understand the power of a distributor incentive or rebate program to drive sales and boost a manufacturer’s success. That’s why we offer many flexible incentive solutions. Learn more about the different kinds of distributor incentives we can help you implement below.

A Distributor Incentive Program for Every Company

Every company is different. Some distributors are motivated by organization-wide financial benefits, while others have individual salespeople who need personal incentives to push your product. All manufacturers are unique, as well. You have developed relationships with your distributors and resellers, so you know how to motivate them best. Shouldn’t your distributor incentive programs reflect the unique elements of your sales channel?

At Incentive Insights, we allow you to customize every aspect of your incentive campaign to meet your sales channel needs and organizational goals. This means we can tailor your campaign to produce an ideal result. Choose to implement a single incentive program or combine program types to get the boost in sales you’re looking for.

Types of Distributor Incentives to Choose From

There are many ways you can motivate a distributor to stock and sell more of your product. Three of the best types of incentive solutions for distributors are:

Distributor rebate programs

Distributor and reseller rebate programs allow your business partners to receive money back when they meet certain purchasing requirements. Manufacturers commonly use these incentives to encourage a desired behavior. For example, you might offer a rebate for distributors that place large orders or stick with your company for a certain amount of time.

Sales Program Incentive Funds (Spiffs)

Sales Program Incentive Funds, also known as Spiffs, take a different approach to motivation. These programs offer immediate financial rewards for members of a distributor’s sales team — they earn Spiff rewards when they sell a certain number of units or meet another sales goal. This encourages salespeople to put energy into selling your products rather than your competitor’s.

Customer rebate programs

A customer rebate program can drive consumer interest in a product. This increased interest makes it easier for distributors to sell to retailers and other customers, which is how these programs improve distributor-manufacturer relationships.

When you work with Incentive Insights, we’ll take the time to listen carefully to your business needs. Then, we’ll use our knowledge and experience to identify the right combination of sales incentives to meet your goals. We can then process and fulfill distributor rebates and manage other incentive programs on your behalf.

business man looking over consumer data from rebate sumissions

Reseller Rebate Programs Lead to Valuable Data You Can Use to Improve Your Strategy

Consumer rebates and other distributor incentives allow you to collect high volumes of valuable customer data. This data can provide insight into your supply channel, including where customers buy your products and whether they received discounts or other offers from the distributor or reseller in question. You can use the data you collect from your campaign to guide future business decisions. Depending on performance, for example, you might remove a distributor from your sales channel or adjust your incentive strategy to be more effective.

At Incentive Insights, we emphasize quality data collection as part of rebate fulfillment. Our data experts ensure information is accurate and analyze your data, creating custom customer insight reports to give you easy access to the information you need. You can use the data insights we provide to:

  • Launch new products successfully
  • Improve distributor incentive programs
  • Market your products more effectively
  • Improve your sales channel’s efficiency

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A Rebate Processing and Fulfillment Partner You Can Trust

With 34 years in the industry, we strive to provide custom incentive solutions and create lasting relationships with our customers. This approach helps ensure you always have a distributor incentive processing and fulfillment partner you can rely on. Our customer service team can work with you every step of the way, from initial program concept through fulfillment, to help you attain the best results.

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