Rebate Processing

Rebates are financial incentives companies offer consumers and channel sales partners to encourage specific buying behaviors.

The customer purchases a product at full price, sends information and proof of purchase to the manufacturer or retailer and receives some money back via a check, gift card or other rewards, assuming they meet the requirements of the rebate program. In return, the company offering the rebate gets boosted sales, increased customer loyalty and an advantage over the competition.

When advertised and executed well, rebates have the potential to benefit both customers and businesses. However, rebate processing comes with challenges that are important to keep in mind if you want your campaign to succeed. You need to process submissions and fulfill rebates quickly and accurately or risk taking a hit to your company’s reputation.

At Incentive Insights, we know effective processing is key to benefiting from a rebate program. Learn more about the challenges associated with rebate process management and how we can help you make the most of your campaigns.

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What Rebate Processing Services Does Incentive Insights Offer?

At Incentive Insights, we provide a range of rebate processing services to meet the unique needs of every client. When you begin working with us, we can design a custom rebate submission portal, software or technology solution to meet your requirements. Then, once your campaign starts, we’ll support you by:

  • Sorting and scanning rebate submissions
  • Verifying and entering data from each submission
  • Providing a desired level of customer service and flexibility
  • Fulfilling rebates quickly using a method you determine

To prevent human error and detect fraudulent submissions, we use a double verification process, which requires two different people to enter data individually. This helps ensure you’re only funding incentives for customers who actually meet the terms of the rebate. We also offer flexible invoicing and payout options, so you can motivate your customers effectively and manage your campaign funds how you see fit.

Whether you work on year-round rebate campaigns or offer small incentives every few months, we’re happy to help with rebate award processing and data collection.

Why Work With a Rebate Processing Company?

A good rebate program provides enough of an incentive to drive sales and bring submissions rolling in. To maintain the trust of your customers, you need to process rebate submissions and send incentives quickly while remaining vigilant for signs of fraud.

Whether you’re processing digital or mail-in submissions, the task will likely require lots of time and hands-on interaction. The manual nature of the process means rebate processing can be slow, inflexible and fraught with an error if you don’t have the experienced staff and internal bandwidth required. Your sales and marketing teams have more important work to attend to, but you still need to ensure your rebate program generates a strong return on investment. That’s why many manufacturers and retailers choose to outsource rebate processing.

When you work with a rebate processing company such as Incentive Insights, you’ll get the benefits of an incentive campaign without the hassle. Although you’ll remain in control of your rebate strategy, our specialists will handle everything from processing and fulfillment to data collection and analysis.


What Are the Benefits of Better Rebate Process Management?

When you work with a rebate processing company to provide efficient, transparent rebate processing and fulfillment, your company will discover a high return on investment and benefits, including:

Customer loyalty

When customers and channel sales partners receive their rebates quickly and understand what’s going on during every step of the process, their positive impression of your company grows, making them more likely to buy your products over competing options in the future, with or without a rebate.

Reduced spending

Paying close attention to accuracy and consistency during rebate processing helps keep your campaign budget under control. The quality assurance specialists at Incentive Insights look for signs such as mismatched receipts and duplicate handwriting to stop fraud in its tracks and save you money.

Accurate data

Rebate campaigns serve as powerful data collection tools since the information you receive comes straight from customers. At Incentive Insights, we verify every data point and create custom reports in language that’s easy to understand. You can use the insights in our reports to improve your marketing strategy, evaluate channel sales partners, develop better products and offer more enticing incentives in the future.

Contact Incentive Insights to Get Started With Rebate Processing

Outsourcing rebate process management to Incentive Insights can make your campaigns less stressful for your staff and ultimately more successful. We’ve been processing and fulfilling rebates for over 20 years, which has given us time to establish a rebate check processing method that maximizes customer satisfaction and increases your data’s value. We build lasting relationships with our clients, so you’ll always have a rebate processing partner you can rely on.

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