Prepaid Cards for Rebate Programs

A rebate program allows you to reward your customers for their purchases

At the same time, when customers redeem their rebates, you have the opportunity to learn more about them, including where they purchase your products, what types of marketing campaigns they respond to and even where they spend time online. And the best part? All the data you receive comes directly from your customers, not from removed third-parties.

Starting a rebate program can help your company increase sales and customer loyalty while collecting valuable first-party data. If you’ve decided to offer rebates, you need to choose a fulfillment method that will best meet your unique goals. In the past, mail-in-rebates were the most popular fulfillment option, allowing customers to send in a receipt, coupon or barcode to receive a check in the mail. Today, however, you have options beyond mail-in-rebates, including prepaid incentive cards.

At Incentive Insights, we know flexible rebate fulfillment options provide the biggest benefits for our customers. That’s why we include gift card rebate fulfillment in our broad selection of services. We can build a customized rebate fulfillment portal for your customers and help efficiently issue the prepaid cards they earn. Ready to start your first campaign? See how a prepaid card rebate program through Incentive Insights could bolster your sales and marketing activities.

How Prepaid Incentive Cards Create Successful Rebate Programs

Although all types of rebate programs can benefit businesses when planned and implemented well, gift card rebates come with unique benefits. These rebate programs offer customers physical or digital gift cards instead of more complicated purchasing incentives.

Prepaid card rebates can make your rebate program more useful and more financially viable, especially if you constantly have campaigns running. Consider these four benefits of gift card rebate fulfillment:

Prepaid cards improve rebate data collection

Because customers can start using prepaid cards sooner than money from a check, prepaid card rebate programs attract participants and gather higher response rates. As a result, you’ll get more high-quality participant data. When you work with Incentive Insights, we’ll analyze your data and provide custom customer insights reports to further increase your campaign’s value.

Branded gift cards create brand loyalty

When you choose a prepaid card rebate program, you can choose to customize the cards with your branding. When participants use the card, they’ll remember who gave it to them, resulting in a positive brand association. When your branding appears on a physical rebate card, consumers are also likely to spend 30-60% of the reward at your business.

Rebate prepaid cards cost less to issue

Checks can be expensive to issue due to labor costs and bank fees. Plus, their lack of security makes checks risky to send through the mail. Issuing prepaid gift cards is much more affordable, and you can easily deactivate and replace stolen or lost cards. At Incentive Insights, we protect your funds by working with prepaid card issuers that prevent fraud, theft and loss.

Prepaid incentive cards are simple to redeem

Customers can redeem and receive rebate prepaid cards faster than other types of rebates, making participation more convenient and rewarding for customers. When you provide a positive rebate experience, participants are more likely to shop with you in the future and tell their friends.


Why Work With a Gift Card Rebate Fulfillment Company Such as Incentive Insights

Although you can set up a gift card rebate program on your own, working with a trusted fulfillment company such as Incentive Insights can make your job easier and result in more successful campaigns.

Whether you lack the internal resources and knowledge to set up a rebate processing portal or want to outsource fulfillment to save money on labor, Incentive Insights offers solutions. We can handle rebate approval and fulfillment from our office in White Plains, New York, and create custom rebate technology, portal and software solutions to match your unique vision. Using our extensive experience and resources, we complete expert customer data analysis, providing the insights you need to:

  • Develop new products
  • Optimize customer experience
  • Grow your sales channels
  • Reach your target market more effectively

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A New Approach to Spiff Gift Card Management

Other gift card rebate fulfillment companies limit the amount you can customize your campaign. Incentive Insights takes a different approach. We can fully customize our rebate solutions to meet every customer’s unique needs. This means you can accomplish company-specific goals and earn a higher return on investment. We’ve seen this strategy drive results for previous customers, and we’re excited to put our strengths to work for you too.

Get Started With Incentive Insights Today

At Incentive Insights, we offer more than spiff gift card management. In addition to a team of skilled programmers and data specialists, we employ a knowledgeable customer service team to work with you through every step of the process — from initial concept to fulfillment.

We make it easy to get started with rebate prepaid cards. Request your free offer setup or reach out to us for more information today!