Rebate Fulfillment & Incentive Management

Providing flexible, customized and accurate incentive program processing, fulfillment, and reporting solutions.

Driving Incentives and Gathering Insights

Your Partner In Consumer Insights, Data Collection, Spiffs, Rebates, and Consumer Incentive Programs

At Incentive Insights, we provide flexible, customized and accurate incentive program processing, fulfillment, and reporting solutions.

Our approach to digital rebates and sales incentive program processing has taken what is often seen as a routine and valueless task and transformed it into a platform for deep customer analysis and engagement.

We’ve seen first hand what valuable consumer insights can do for a company’s bottom line. The rich consumer insights we provide our clients with creates opportunities to improve marketing strategies, advance sales channels, generate revenue, and achieve overall business growth.  

It is our entrepreneurial experience, technological expertise, marketing ingenuity, and dedication to excellence that has allowed us to become a trusted partner in consumer and sales incentive programs.

Rebate Management Programs

Incentivizing customers through rebate programs helps businesses drive customer loyalty. But the right rebate program can also give you access to a valuable trove of customer data. You will get information that makes it easier to develop new products or services, identify important partners and markets, and plan for the future of your business.

Put High-Quality Customer Data at Your Fingertips
Incentive Insights doesn’t just oversee rebate processing and fulfillment. Our technology, portal and software solutions give you direct, complete access to customer data that is delivered by the customers themselves. There are no third-party providers and no assumptions — just incredible data quality.

Timely Rebate Incentive Program Solutions
If you’ve managed a rebate program before, then chances are you’re accustomed to slowdowns, inflexibility and poor data quality. Incentive Insights innovates in the rebate management space because we solve these problems and deliver a solution that’s efficiently managed, yields accurate data and is totally customized to your needs. Whether you prefer digital or mail-in rebates, Incentive Insights can help.

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Why manage your own rebate program and reinvent the wheel? Incentive Insights can deliver a turn-key processing and fulfillment solution that will help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

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Rebate Fulfillment

Rebates aren’t new, but the Incentive Insights approach is! The traditional approach to rebate fulfillment is slow, inaccurate and is typically associated with poor customer service. We pride ourselves on offering flexible, customizable, and innovative rebate processing and fulfillment services that fit your business’s specific needs.

Sales Incentives & Spiffs

When it comes to incentivizing sales channel partners, we take an integrated approach, combining sales incentives and spiffs to drive results. Our sales channel incentive strategy aims to keep the various aspects of your sales channel motivated and performing to their highest potential without taking away from your bottom line.

Consumer Incentive Programs

Today, one of the most valuable things you can invest in as a business is a consumer incentive program. These program can benefit both B2B and B2C businesses. The goal of a consumer incentive is to use a reward to convince customers to buy your products, which in return drives sales. We offer a variety of incentive programs, contact us today to discuss your options.

Data Collection

Data is only valuable if it accurately informs you about your consumers and the effectiveness of your sales channels. Our advanced approach to data collection and verification allows us to ensure the data we provide is accurate. With Incentive Insights, our team of experts effectively provide you with a wealth of consumer information.

  • Incentive Insights was the perfect partner for our B2B rewards program.  They worked with us every step of the way from concept to fulfillment.  They took what would have been an onerous internal team burden and made it turn-key rewards solution.  And despite the fact that our rewards program was custom and relied heavily on 3rd part data, Incentive Insights delivered accurately -- on time and on budget.

    Tom Marketing Manager, Automotive Aftermarket Manufacturer

Our Unique and Innovative Approach To Incentive Programs

Sales and consumer incentives can work together to drive HUGE results

You’ll find that many incentive partners take a one-size-fits-all approach. When it comes to sales and consumer incentive programs you should never feel like your options are limited. We’ve found that flexible and customizable solutions deliver the best quality and most relevant results. It is our unique and innovative approach to incentive programs that allows us to offer our clients hybrid solutions. Hybrid solutions employ a combination of incentives targeted at the various aspects of your sales channel to work together and reinforce one another.

Your Success Is Our Success

At Incentive Insights, we’re committed to helping you and your team succeed in every aspect of your business. Take a look at our free resources which include guides, eBooks, case studies and more.